For my poster I would like to design a crest or shield like overlay of four different images. The picture plane would be divided up into four even sections, each taking a triangular quadrant – in a diamond shape, vertical lines bisecting opposite corners. At the top of the page will be the giglio -the symbol of Florence, Italy. Beneath it will be cherry blossoms, Michigan’s state flower. To the right will be a Californian poppie, and to the left will be bluebonnets, Texas’s state flower. Stylistically the piece will have a lot of heavy line work with ink-wash like swatches of color. The background color will be a soft, subtle pink hue as to allow the images themselves to pop forward even though they are on a warm rather than cool plane. This design is a combination of symbols that represent placed that I have lived, as well as feeds off of my original theme for the semester – flowers.