Label Designs


Revive: This design is successful through its use of a singular focal point, the woman, who is in a classic contrapposto position in the center of the rectangular, portrait oriented label. The purpose of the product is plant revival, so the label comically references an old school nurse for its kinesthetic empathy. These reference points include the red pin stripe background, the four red crosses – one placed on each corner to create a border – and a sexy nurse holding a stethoscope to an over sized leaf. The red half circle behind the woman creates a balance with the four red crosses while the two lavender leaves – which seemingly reference lips – provides a resting point for the eye.


Bushdoctor: This label uses the rule of thirds as its main element of design. The product line’s title, Bushdoctor, is colored and textured to resemble an Australian outback vibe supported by the symmetrical tribal patters on either side of the center panel. The leafy haired ent creature is loosely depicted in an oval frame while blissfully enjoying an enriching mug of ‘ale.’ This is an ironic, catchy, pun on the product in its self, which is a microbe brew for plants. As for the colors, the yellow tribal patters go nicely with the green figure, while the purple mountains behind the green figure have a little pop, being yellow’s compliment.


Carbo Blast: This label also uses the rule of third as its primary element of design, but in a more discrete fashion. The products name is in block type reading vertically from bottom to top and is being underscored by a snazzy wave, cut out from the blue sky like background of the other two thirds of the picture plane. On the right hand vertical third stands a plan with the appearance of a trench-coated man grasping a smoking double barreled shot gun; the gun being a pun on Blast. In loo of a face is a five petaled red flower. The red ‘face’ contrasts nicely with the blue background with other warm toned petals at the bottom to ground the figure. The companies logo is placed at the end of the tilted gun, which acts as a leading line. This analogy is successful due to this product being designed to give plants a ‘blast’ of whatever this product is.