The Flower

Flowers individuality allows them to become a particularly fascinating subject matter to gaze upon. Even a large outcropping of the same plant can produce a plethora of subtle differences in each petal and offshoot, which is what attracts them so me as one of my favorite photographic subjects. These differences can not be view quite so easily from even as far back as three or four feet, everything simply appears to be uniform or sequential. People have to slow down and take their time viewing the little things in life in order to be able to appreciate the beauty in the details of nature. The immense variation in color that can be seen when you put your nose right up to such small spectacle fractures into a kaleidoscope of tones and values that would otherwise go completely unnoticed. Much of this came as a realization to me after I re-discovered the artist Georgia O’keeffe’s work, who’s known for nature paintings of the desert. Her cropped flower pieces are what I find to be most inspiring though, for both there aesthetic and conceptual qualities.